What to expect when quitting-Withdrawal Symptoms

Will I have withdrawal Symptoms?

Preparing yourself to quit smoking (nicotine) can seem like a quite the undertaking. Remember, going off tobacco is going off an addictive drug. Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for the challenge can make the difference in actually quitting or just being miserable for a few days with no results.

It is important to know what to expect in terms of withdrawal symptoms and how to deal with them once they arrive.

When you stop smoking, the feeling you get are signs that your body is healing from the effects of tobacco.


You may feel touchy and nervous. Physical activity like exercising can cause these feeling to dissipate.


You might confuse hunger pangs with a need to smoke. Drink lots of water and eat healthy snacks.


Your body needs to get rid of lung clogging mucus. You may cough a lot at first.

Trouble Sleeping

You might wake up during the night, or dream of smoking. This will stop after awhile.

Tiredness or Drowsiness

When you stop smoking, you may feel tired. Go ahead and rest. This is normal.

Dry Mouth

When you stop, your mouth may feel dry. Chewing gum or having candy near by can help.

When we decide to take control of our addiction, our addiction rebels. It is as if it says: ” make em miserable and uncomfortable! they will give in….watch!”  Be strong! your withdrawal symptoms will pass.

When you hang tough and your withdrawals pass.        FREEDOM!!


Time for our happy dance!!!