Know the Truth About Tobacco- How Harmful?

We can find the facts about commercial tobacco

Google “Ingesting Tobacco” you will find pages as to how toxic tobacco products are to humans. One page referenced in says this:

“Nicotine is very poisonous. The amount in only one cigarette butt is enough to poison a child. Other forms of nicotine are also extremely poisonous: cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, nicotine gum if chewed by a child, nicotine patches if chewed on by a child, and liquid nicotine used for electronic cigarettes.”

How can something this dangerous to children be safe and fun as depicted in advertising?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Cigarette smoking causes about one of every five deaths in the United States each year. Cigarette smoking is estimated to cause the following:

  • More than 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
  • 278,544 deaths annually among men (including deaths from secondhand smoke)
  • 201,773 deaths annually among women (including deaths from secondhand smoke)

Cigarette smoking causes premature death:

  • Life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter than for non-smokers.
  • Quitting smoking before the age of 40 reduces the risk of dying from smoking-related disease by about 90%.

Did you know smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day for a year results in 8 ounces of tar in your lungs?


Let’s find out the real truth about Vaping.