Know the Truth About Tobacco- Smokeless Tobacco

What exactly is Smokeless Tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco is a tobacco product that involves chewing, sniffing, or placing the product between gum and the cheek or lip. Smokeless tobacco products are produced in various forms, such as chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, and dissolvable tobacco products.

Some may think:  Since I know smoking tobacco is bad for you I will change over to Smokeless Tobacco. It’s safer. Right?

Before we look into how safe the smokeless alternative, it is important to review how Big Tobacco misused the Native connection to Tobacco.

Just as shown in section Know the Truth About Tobacco- Media Manipulation? Big Tobacco continues to capitalize on Native America Imagery to sell their harmful tobacco products.




Appealing to the innate desire of men to be more manly, again manipulating us by creating an emotional image around their products.

Not feeling manly enough yet?


And if those images don’t make you feel manly enough!

Here is a brand that just comes out and says it!

Real men don’t care about health warnings. Right?

Do you see a pattern of manipulation yet?

Chew on this Dose of Reality

Behind the advertising is a real danger due to the toxicity of smokeless tobacco. No smoke does not mean no danger. Smokeless tobacco is linked to many maladies, such as, according to the CDC

Smokeless tobacco is associated with many health problems.

Using smokeless tobacco:

  • Can lead to nicotine addiction
  • Causes cancer of the mouth, esophagus (the passage that connects the throat to the stomach), and pancreas (a gland that helps with digestion and maintaining proper blood sugar levels)
  • Is associated with diseases of the mouth
  • Can increase risks for early delivery and stillbirth when used during pregnancy
  • Can cause nicotine poisoning in children
  • May increase the risk for death from heart disease and stroke


Smokeless Tobacco poses a serious threat to your health, your future. Big Tobacco companies want you to think different.

Cold reality is Big Tobacco companies only care about your money.

Manly or Macho? No. Mouth Cancer
Before Chew
Real Story of Chewing Tobacco
Manly or Macho? No. Mouth Cancer

Facts show that regardless of what Big Tobacco and Media Campaigns say Commercial Tobacco are dangerous. Smoking Cigarettes, Pipes and Cigars are toxic. Chewing Tobacco has no smoke but still causes cancer too!

Have you wondered what the Secondhand Smoke does to those around us?

If you can bare it…lets now learn about: