No Tobacco NOW! Project

Enterprise Rancheria was established in 1915 on the banks of the Feather River. Our tribe has remained intact and became federally recognized as an organized Tribe in 1996. Since then we have been able to provide healthcare, education and housing for our people.
No Tobacco NOW! is a funded project to help educate our people about the true nature of tobacco. First by endeavoring to view tobacco as our native Ancestors did, by honoring our ancestral traditions and customs. We can accomplish this together by teaching our young ones what Sacred Tobacco is and how it was used. Along with that we would like to show our people how non-native influence created a culture of non-traditional use of tobacco among us today.

Learning how Commercial Tobacco has affected our history and continues to adversely impact our native Peoples is essential for this purpose. Our No Tobacco NOW! Project discloses the way Big Tobacco essentially highjacked and capitalized on something wholesome to our peoples – creating an industry that is responsible for the suffering of countless people throughout our beautiful planet due to the disastrous health effects of Commercial Tobacco use. Is our hope that the information provided on our website will be helpful to you and your family.

May your blessings raise to the sky and peace and happiness surround you and your family!

Michael Thompson, Director
No Tobacco NOW! Project
Enterprise Rancheria – Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe

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Bald Rock

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